Friday, Sep 25, 2020

Products - Dry Type Water Meter - TGC-18D

Performance Features

Permanent Flowrate Q3 (m³/h) 16
Overload Flowrate Q4 (m³/h) 20
Transitional Flowrate Q2 (m³/h) 0.320
Minimum Flowrate Q1 (m³/h) 0.200
Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 16
Maximum Working Temperature (°C) 50
Metrological Class B
Q3/Q1(MI-001 OIML R49) 80
Pressure Loss (bar) 0.63
Maximum Registration Capacity (m³) 999999
Smallest Reading Resolution (m³) 0.00005
Mounting on the Network Horizontal
Unit Weight (kg) 4,44
Package Weight (Without Couplings) (kg) 18,40
Package Weight (With Couplings) (kg) 22,35
Water Meter Quantity in package 4
Package dimensions (cm)


Nominal Diameter (DN) 40 mm
Connecting Diameter (D) G-2 B
Total Overall Height (H1+H2) 150 mm
Axis Height (H1) 61 mm
Length (L) 300 mm
Width (B) 125 mm
Length with Connection (LB) 425 mm