Friday, Sep 25, 2020

Products - Volumetric Water Meter - TGC-3V

Performance Features

Permanent Flowrate Q3 (m³/h) 2,5
Overload Flowrate Q4 (m³/h) 3,125
Transitional Flowrate Q2 (m³/h) 0.025
Minimum Flowrate Q1 (m³/h) 0.015625
Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 16
Maximum Working Temperature (°C) 50
Metrological Class C
Q3/Q1(MI-001 OIML R49) 160
Pressure Loss (bar) 0.63
Maximum Registration Capacity (m³) 99999
Smallest Reading Resolution (m³) 0.00005
Mounting on the Network Horizontal and Vertical
Unit Weight (kg) 1,125
Package Weight (Without Couplings) (kg) 11,65
Package Weight (With Couplings) (kg) 12,85
Water Meter Quantity in package 10
Package dimensions (cm)



Pulse Output


Nominal Diameter (DN) 15 mm
Connecting Diameter (D) G-3/4 B
Total Overall Height (H1+H2) 110,5 mm
Axis Height (H1) 36 mm
Length (L) 165 mm
Width (B) 94 mm
Length with Connection (LB) 245 mm